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Y!: baliseashell Y!: baliseashell
Skype: baliseashellproducts
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6285100842222 / 6285100441680
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62 81 23950536
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62 361 720699
jln pulau moyo GG cemara a no 4,
denpasar 80222, Bali
08123950536 mobile
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our company is manufactures sea shell products indonesia or bali especially, we produce jewelry from mother of pearl shell like necklace shell, earring shell, shell necklace with bead or mop shell, we producing tableware etc
we specially consense in shell products , we exporter for shell or seashell collection or items raw from indonesia, we exports raw material for manufacturing , sea shell bali, mother of pearl white ( pinctada maxima ) we made seashell carving, seashell necklace, seashell jewelry, seashell pendant, seashell brecelet please visit my website pripacy, srinq uranus, melo ampora, conus shell indonesia, cowrie shell indonesia, mop kinds indonesia, jewelry etc all products shell indonesia, we selling shell collection like murex ramosus, melo ampora, mop shell, cyprea moneta, yellow cowrie, tiger cowrie, conus kinds, nautilus scrobilatus, argonauta hians, murex pecten, cassis rufa, triton charonia, nautilus pompilus, all kinds shell indonesia
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